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Hemşin Primary and Intermediate School

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Hemşin Primary and Intermediate School

Hemşin Turistik Dönüşüm Projesi kapsamında, proje bütünlüğünü bozmakta olan ve eskiliği nedeniyle, güncel ihtiyaçları karşılaması mümkün olmayan eski Hemşin İlköğretim Okulu’nun Kentsel Dönüşüm projesine uydurulması ihtiyacı doğmuştur.

This project was created as a part of the Hemşin Touristic Transformation Project, where adapting the existing Hemşin Primary School to the conversion project became required. It was quickly understood that the existing school could not be modified to meet the required standards. As a result, the old school was demolished and in its place, a viewing terrace and a recreational area was created.

During the same period, a large and modern primary and intermadiate school facility overlooking the new HEPP-lake was built by BM Holding and donated to the people of Hemşin. The new shcool not only met the current requirements for education, but also incorporated innovative features to further these capabilities. For instance, an internet conference room was created and on-line English lessons from Istanbul and participation in debate groups were arranged for students throughout the week. This was years before the Covid pandemic. Another feature was a modern sports building added to the school facility, thereby enabling practice of various indoor sports as well as now holding sports tournaments.

One of the foremost features of this school was that students would arrive by crossing the river bridge located next to the new HEPP. The students were therefore provided with the unique opportunity where they could see and become familiar with a hydroelectric power plant in operation.