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Research & Development

At the forefront of our bold approach towards innovation, we have our R&D studies in all fields of activities we participate in. Different than other enterprises, BM Group also functions as a think tank and a full-scale laboratory for testing innovative ideas. Starting from our early days, we have designed or otherwise pioneered a high number of technologies and applications. Some examples are as follows:

  • National land drilling rig: TP1500 “Koca Yusuf” was designed from scratch and manufactured by BM’s subsidiary Petrotek, with support of Turkey’s NOC Turkish Petroleum, TPIC and TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye). Today, new TP1500 orders are under way!!
  • National HFHP system: A novel method for mini-fracturing of production wells was developed by BM’s subsidiary Pars, by utilizing %100 local equipment. The method, named HFHP after High-Flowrate-High-Pressure Pumping was adapted by Turkey’s NOC and has been in popular use ever since.
  • First dam in swamp:Büyükçekmece Dam was the first swamp in Turkey to be constructed in swamp, thanks to BM’s unique perimeter-sealed panned-excavation technique that was specially developed for the project.
  • Full electrical drilling service for low-cost, high-control drilling:This is not to be mixed with the use of conventional electric drilling rigs that use diesel generators for power supply. This is a fully integrated, electricity driven drilling system that operates on grid electricity, thanks to an innovative electrical control system co-developed by our subsidiaries Pars and Petrotek.
  • First HEPP in Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme:BM pioneered the – now widely used- B.O.T. implementation in hydropower projects in Turkey, with its Dilek-Güroluk HEPP back in 1986. The legislative framework for the model has significantly improved since that time.
  • First Turkish pilot in a multinational, large-scale construction consortium:Ermenek Dam and HEPP Project saw BM as the pilot of a large multinational consortium consisting of European companies, which was a first in Turkish construction history.
  • Slim-hole, cored drilling service for the geothermal industry:This exploration method was pioneered by BM and is currently being used with great success in decreasing upfront (wildcat) drilling costs in greenfield geothermal prospects. BM realized this by carefully modifying cored-drilling rigs from the mining industry to match requirements of geothermal exploration (i.e.high pressured toxic gases, high temperature, difficult drilling geology, etc.)
  • Slim-hole annular BOP:This is one of BM’s patented technologies for building a low-cost, low-profile slim-hole annular BOP that eliminates the need for large working platform heights to accommodate conventional pressure equipment.
  • 1D well permeability determination by WofE:This is another internationally published method developed by BM for determination of 1D permeability characteristics of a drilled well from the entire set of available data, incuding drilling parameters, geopyhics, log results, etc. Accurate 1D permeability deductions are especially critical for creating useful 3D permeable maps, for reliable predicted reservoir behavior numerical analyses under estimated installed power capacities.
  • CSP Solar – Geothermal Hybrid Power Generation Concept:BM already constructed and is currently steam testing the first (or arguably one among the first) CSP – geothermal hybrid power plant in the world. BM’s 200kW CSP pilot is currently in test operation in Gümüşköy GEPP. A full scale 1-1,5MW commercial application is being planned upon successful implementation.
  • Tunneled GEPP Concept:BM is currently developing a geothermal power plant scheme that enables operation of a reservoir with low water table, from a lower elevation point through a tunnel. This is a highly complex scheme involving many engineering challenges, yet promises strong financial and practical returns in case of success.