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Vision & Vallues

BM Holding aims to explore, develop and present novel, renewable and environmentally conscious energy and agriculture products, services and solutions to the market, only by investing both in projects and in engineering and R&D.

Our Values

  • Balanced priorities:Carefully balancing high quality work, true engineering, optimal solutions, potential for further development & expansion and our social responsibilities with profitability in our projects,
  • Innovation:Continuing to be the sector leader in our fields of activity, by realizing novel, state of the art and often difficult projects that ultimately attain higher efficiency, better product quality and higher environmental compliance than our competitors,
  • Engineering:Support and encouraging good engineering and scientific practice by presenting and sharing most of our findings with the academic and business world and is investing in the future while achieving daily goals.
  • Clients:Earning the trust of our Clients by offering value-for-money products and services, the finest engineering and an unchanging commitment towards safeguarding our Clients’ best interest,
  • Work environment:Creating an innovative, open, socially and professionally motivating work environment for our personnel,
  • A Better World:Helping create a better, cleaner, richer world for all through our work as well as social responsibility projects.

Our Mission

  • Developing and realizing a diversified portfolio of renewable energy projects, which maximize the use of suitable resources available at the source,
  • Developing new and better ways of producing renewable energy from existing resources and commercializing them through pilot and direct implementation,
  • Nationalizing the Turkish oilfield and geothermal E&P sectors by developing and implementing local product and service solutions.
  • Transforming the Turkish oilfield E&P sector by introducing cost-saving products and services tailored to the needs of the country.
  • Creating regional-leader brands in the oilfield equipment manufacturing, well services and supply & logistics sectors.