Bm Holding


The first company in the BM Holding lineup, BM Mühendislik ve İnşaat A.Ş. was founded in 1972, for the purpose of undertaking government construction contracts. BM‘s flagship 308,9 MW Ermenek Dam and HEPP Project (Karaman) is the first in Türkiye, where a Turkish partner (BM) has been appointed to lead a large multinational consortium. It is also one of Türkiye’s most technically complex projects with (a) a 218-meter high asymmetrical concrete arch body that is the highest in Türkiye at the time of its construction (b) an extremely narrow canyon accessible only via a special purpose cable crane, (c) an extremely carstified limestone abutment formation requiring meticulous grouting work.

Today, primary areas of specialty of the construction group are:

  • Large dams (concrete, rock fill, earthfill, RCC),
  • Hydroelectic power plants,
  • Tunnels and shafts,
  • Land irrigation, water conveyance and sewerage networks,
  • Highways, roads and bridges,
  • Natural gas and petroleum pipelines and stations,
  • Dredging and land reclamation works, harbors and marinas,
  • Large scale sports facilities and hippodromes,
  • Underground deep structures,
  • Hotels, commercial and residential buildings,
  • Piles, retaining systems, deep foundations and ground improvement,
  • Post-tensioned structures,
  • Military structures.
  • Development and implementation of large-scale, multi-national projects,
  • Structuring and management of multi-national partnerships,